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About Regions


Alanya is a county situated 135 km east of Antalya. Alanya, known in the world as the Turkish Riviera, is one of the popular settlements with the long, clean sandy beaches, brilliant sea, historical and cultural richness, a multicultural life style, natural parks, mild Mediterranean climate, clean streets, markets and a rich variety of water and land sporting activities.

Caves, valleys, waterfalls, forest, rivers, ancient cities, ruins, mosques and the dockyard are attracting people here. Alanya Castle, Kızılkule and the dockyard are among the most outstanding historical works of arts, especially the Alanya Castle, which was built by the Seljucks, is the most important art work of this civilization and even today it stands with no damage.

Today, over 10.000 foreigners are living in Alanya as it provides all alternatives -five star hotels, long beaches, and excellent historical and natural beauties- for a comfortable and alluring way of life.


Welcome to one of the oldest holiday resorts in the world. The old town of Side is a joy with the ancient roman ruins mixed in between bars, restaurants and shops. The main area of the town is pedestrianized and it’s a wonderful place to visit in the early evening to window shop, buy some bargains, have a drink or grab a bite to eat. It has a great atmosphere but it can get busy in the height of the season.

The ruins of the ancient city mingle with the new, and despite its development as a resort, it retains its own very special atmosphere and charm. Its impressive second century theatre, supported by arched vaults, offers fine views towards the sea and you can still see the remains of an ancient street lined with pillars and arcades and the market place where slaves were once sold. Nearby the Agora Baths Museum contains a beautifully restored fifth century bath house and some interesting statues and artifacts.

The beach is, of course, one of Side main attractions, and it is hard to rival the quality of the sand or the length of the beach, with plenty of space to sunbathe even in high season. The beaches are situated to the east and west of the old town – to the west is the main hotel area so the beaches are busier with more activities. To the east the beach is undeveloped and much quieter – wander amongst the sand dunes and be surprised by ancient ruins.

Lovers of history will love the opportunity to just wander around in Side, but to understand the history of the place a guided tour helps to get a sense of perspective. They should also take the opportunity to visit Perge another wonderful ancient site, where St Paul preached his first sermon or Termessos an old fortress city high in the hills. As an alternative to history take a day trip on the Manavgat River, visit the pretty village of Manavgat and the famous waterfalls. With such a fantastic beach area there is a wide selection of water sports available to suit all age groups.

There is no shortage of places to go after sundown. There is a good selection of restaurants and many bars stay open until late.


Manavgat is a small town with a relaxed atmosphere situated between Antalya and Alanya (one hour from Antalya Airport) and only five kilometers from Side. Manavgat is a town with approximately 100.000 inhabitants. It’s situated about three kilometers from the sea, by the shores of the turquoise Manavgat River.

Manavgat is a typical Turkish town. By the riverside you find small restaurants, tea gardens and parks. There are local street markets several times a week, and there is a busy town centre. The area is flat so you can easily go to the beach or to the waterfall by bicycle. There is a rich selection of shops and restaurants.

If you follow the Manavgat River north of the town you come to beautiful natural areas with lakes and mountains (only a fifteen minutes drive from the town centre).


Kemer, founded in 1930, is a charming settlement stretching along the Taurus Mountains and 43 km from Antalya. The history of the Kemer area goes back to the Lycian period, since then, it has been the center of many civilizations and after 1930s it began to develop in all aspects, especially in tourism and now, it is one of the most attractive touristic regions in Antalya. Kemer is especially famous for its yacht harbor. These days they are building a teleferic (cable car) from Kemer to the Taurus Mountains. This means that one will be able to go from the seaside to the snowy mountains in just 20 minutes.

Kemer has many historical places dated thousands years ago. Among these; ‘Phaselis’, a city established by Rhodes civilization, was once a commercial center with its three harbours. Besides, nearby, there are Water Canals, Phaselis Ancient Theatre, Hamams and the Agora. ‘Olympus’ is a seaport built between two valleys with wonderful natural beauties and ‘Çıralı’ is a unique place. On the Çıralı mountain, because of gas leakage, flames rise up to the sky non-stop. Briefly, Kemer, with the remains, bays, tranquil sandy beaches, a unique natural scenery; restaurants, bars and discoes offers an alluring life for today and for the future.


The city of Antalya is situated in the south of Turkey. It is surrounded by the Taurus Mountains, Mediterranean in the south; İçel, Konya and Karaman cities in the east; Isparta and Burdur cities in the north and Muğla in the west.

The archeological findings have shown that Antalya region has a history dated for 220 thousand years and through this period it has been the cradle of many civilizations thanks to its location, climate and resources. As it is a city of history, it is possible to encounter many historical places and buildings which belonged to Romans, Byzantiums, Seljucks and Ottoman Empire.

Besides these historical qualities, it is also alluring with the tourism potential. Today, it is regarded as the tourism center in Turkey and millions of tourists visit this city for their holidays- to see historical places like ancient theatres, wonderful buildings made by old civilizations; enjoy their holidays in beaches, swimming pools and hotels along with great organizations and animations- buying properties or hiring houses, learning about Anatolian culture, tasting Turkish delicious foods and other things they want to know. Not only Antalya, but its counties have fascinating beauties, waterfalls, rivers convenient for sport activities, parks, and mountains with wonderful views.


The resort area of Belek has grown up along a white sand beach backed by pine forests and fields watered by rivers descending from the distant Taurus Mountains. Belek was chosen as a priority area of development to offer the best mix of attractions for tourists.

The golfers will discover in Belek a true golfing oasis with 16 superb courses that have helped Belek to emerge as one of the worlds most progressive golf holiday destinations.

The Gloria and Nobilis Courses, home to the European Seniors qualifying school and to the Turkish Seniors Open, are at one end of the resort and offer a superb days golf. At the other end of the resort, but only ten minutes away are National GC, the oldest Golf Club of Belek a David Feherty design, Tat Golf, 27 holes of glorious golf laid out along a strip between the Med and the Taurus Mountains, and the new Antalya Golf Club with two courses Pasha and Sultan. All courses are impressive with true greens and a host of hazards to test the golfer.

The Belek region on the Mediterranean coast is located 30 kilometers on the east side of Antalya province. Belek is within easy reach of the facilities and amenities of Antalya, including the international airport, which is only a 20 minute drive away.


Kas lies at sea level in a small protected bay. It enjoys two different but breathtaking views, the sparkling sea on the south side overlooking an off-shore Greek Island, or the dramatic Toros Mountains, which form the northern crest of the town.

Kas is historically situated in the heart of ancient Lycia, an independent 4th century BC civilization known for the distinctive rock tombs they carved into the mountainside. Many are found in and around the town.

Scuba diving, water sports, paragliding and trekking are popular activities. Life centers on a picturesque harbor square with tea gardens and on the marina with its wooden sailing boats (gullets) and the local fishing fleet. There is a rich selection of restaurants, as well as night life and amenities. Most of the people in Kas lives either in Cerciler (above the town) or on the peninsula.

Kas is a popular tourist town, but has managed to keep its original charm. It is not only a favorite for foreign tourists; most of the visitors are Turks from the big cities.

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