Buying property in Turkey

What nationalities are permitted to purchase a property?

These are some of the countries that Turkey has a reciprocal agreement for the purchase of land and properties; England, Ireland, Germany, Holland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, USA, Spain, Italy, Canada, Luxembourg, Australia, France, Greece, Portugal, Poland, Croatia, Israel, Finland, Estonia, Hungary and Russia.

How long does it all take and how does it work?

It takes between 2 to 3 months to receive the final Tapu ( Title Deeds),
After signing the reservation contract, the copies of the buyers passport will be handed over to the local land registry office, the copies and the official papers showing the location of the property will be sent to a Military Head office in Izmir to be checked that the mentioned property is not in a Military Zone. After the approval of the permission our company pays the necessary fees and taxes to the authorised bank (T.C. Ziraat Bankasi) and to the tax office. The official receipts of these taxes and fees will be declared during the transaction in the Land registry office. Finally the buyer and seller sign the land registry book under the supervision of an official interpreter.

Do I have to be a resident or have a resident’s visa to purchase?

No, to buy a property you do not have to have a Resident visa. The exception to this rule are people from Denmark and Russia, they have to get a residence permit valid for six months to be able to get the title deed. Otherwise this is only required if you want to stay longer than three consecutive months, or wish to have a phone or buy a car. Then the three-month tourist visa is not enough.

What do I have to check before purchasing?

Check that there are no outstanding rental agreements or mortgages.
Also check that the seller has the legal right to sell the property and that they have a Tapu ( Title Deeds) for it.

Do I have any Taxes and fees to pay for the purchasing?

There are some taxes payable, however these are a “once only tax” i.e.
4% of the declared value of the property, other one time fees approx. 450 Euro, power of attorney approx. 150 euro

If I sell my property can I take the proceeds back to my home country?

You have the legal right to take the proceeds back to the U.K.

Can I will my property to my beneficiaries?

You can make a Turkish Will and leave your property to your beneficiaries, however if you hadn’t made a will, the property goes to your next of kin.

What would be the running costs?

Tax yearly : 0.1% of the declared cost of your property
Obligatory insurance (earth quake): approx. 40 euro per year
Electricity: approx. 0.12 Euro per kwh
Water : approx. 0.50 Euro per m3

Can I import my belongings/furniture and car into Turkey?

You can, but it is expensive for transportation and Duty, so it may be advisable to purchase your furniture here.

The reasons for buying a property in Antalya

1. Antalya international airport is the only International Airport that is open all year round making the area reachable within 3-4 hours.
2. The beautiful landscape of the Turkish Riviera and the mild climate with almost 300 days of sunshine.
3. A valuable investment as the prices are increasing every year. Turkey is like Spain was 20 years ago, and if entry into the E.U. is gained we are set to see prices rise even more.
4. The low cost of living, which is much lower than most other European Countries and the low crime rate.
5. The property could provide you with an additional income. Many people choose to buy a property in Turkey with a view to renting it to holiday makers.
6. As a European, you can purchase with complete safety, as the convayancing is easy and uncomplicated.
7. Fresh fruits and vegetables all the year round & the European quality and rather low prices in cafes and restaurants.
8. Aircraft service with many countries of the world cities and cities of Turkey.
9. Highly developed system of telecommunications and modern network of roads served by taxi and buses.
10. Rather inexpensive and accessible high-quality health services.
11. Wide use of the English language and opportunity of dialogue on many others.
12. Satellite TV broadcasting English, American and other foreign channels


Can I get a residence visa in Turkey?
Foreigners that own or rent a property in Turkey can get a residence visa.

Who can get a work permit in Turkey?
Foreigners can get a work permit in Turkey, but only in work places that has got a certain number of employees. Normally the work place applies for the work permit and it can take months to get it.

Can I start my own business in Turkey?
It is easy to start your own company, the law is the same as for Turkish citizens.

How much will I have to pay for a private health insurance in Turkey?
Prices will vary from company to company and according to age, gender and coverage. The cheapest will start from about 200 Euro a year, but this only covers one private hospital in Antalya. A good insurance will cost from 750 – 1400 Euro a year per person.

Can I get a home telephone?
To get a telephone at home you have to have a residence visa. The price to install a telephone is about 25 Euro.

Is internet widely used?
There are many internet cafes and you can easily use internet at home if you have a home telephone.

Can I open a bank account in a Turkish bank?
As a foreigner you can open a bank account in any Turkish bank. You only need your passport and a tax number (you get it from the tax office).

Can I bring my car?
Foreigners have the right to use their car in Turkey for three months. After this you can apply to get a permission for six more months, but after that you have to take your car out of the country .If you have a residence visa you can buy and own a car in Turkey.

How much will I have to spend for furniture etc?
This will of course vary a lot according to standard, but for 5000-7000 Euro you can buy everything you need for a three room flat.

Can I bring my pets?
Yes, but they have to be controlled by a vet during the last three days before you come to Turkey, and the vet should fill out an international certificate. There are high qualified vets in all the towns in the Antalya area.

Are there churches in the area?
There are churches both in Antalya and Alanya. There is also a Christian graveyard in Alanya.

Where can I learn Turkish?
There are course centers in most towns where they arrange Turkish courses for foreigners. It is also easy to find private teachers.

Which foreign languages are common in Turkey?
Today everybody learn English in school, and it is easy to find people who speak good English in the tourist areas. There are also a lot of people speaking German.

How much will I have to pay for a house insurance?
From 100 Euro a year depending on the value of the house and the value of the furniture..

Can I use my driving license in Turkey?
You can use your driving license as a tourist in Turkey. If you decide to live in Turkey, you will have to change to a Turkish driving license after six months.

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